About US  A brief history of JnJ Vette Parts

In 1996, John came across a '63 convertible on the bulletin board at work. He convinced JoAnn to buy the car as a good investment for the future. Well, that "investment" turned into a passionate hobby as the search for parts was never ending. At a swap meet in Charlotte, NC in the spring of 1998, on our 24th wedding anniversary, that "hobby" turned into JnJ Vette Parts with the first purchase, and resell, of a Corvette part. The "searching for parts" landed us in Alabama in the attic of another Corvette enthusiast who had been playing with Corvettes for over 35 years. During the ensuing conversations, the discussion turned to "selling out". Well, in the end we had a large inventory of Corvette parts and the business was off and running.
Today, we are a family run business with over 45,000 used, reproduction, and New Old Stock (NOS) parts. Our specialty is 53-62 parts, with over half of our inventory applicable for these years.
Our values are pure and simple: Honesty and Sincerity. We treat people like we like to be treated: fairly, honestly, and with respect. We tell you sincerely we believe our customers are our most valued asset. Treat one right, and they tell two more. Treat one wrong, and they tell 10 more. Our best advertising comes from our satisfied customers. As you visit the pages inside, you will note we have general descriptions of the parts along with a condition. To assist you in deciding on what condition you want, here are some general ideas of what the condition descriptions mean.
We do NOT knowingly purchase any parts not made in the USA. Our experience has been that these parts are inferior in quality, often do not fit correctly, and do not meet our standards. If the item we have happens to have been made overseas, we will tell you that so you can decide if it will meet your needs.

We define the condition of our parts using the following guidelines:

Fair/Poor (F/P) - The part may be broken, need re-chroming, several dents, many corrosion spots, needs some major work, prior to looking good.
Good (G) - The item is functional but may have some damage (i.e - dent in a bumper). For chromed items, it may have some corrosion spots. It is functional, and has a decent appearance, but is not show quality.
Very Good (VG) - The item is functional but does not have damage. For chromed items, it may have some very slight corrosion spots. For metal items, it likely has some surface rust It is functional, and has a decent appearance, but is not show quality. The item will need cleaning and/or repainting prior to use.
Excellent (Exc) - The item is not new but is a very good driver quality. It should be ready to use, or you can restore it to original with little effort. For chromed items, it may have some very light surface scratches. For items such as gauges, the lens may be weathered or have some slight scratches. For items such as seats, the seat structure is likely solid but the upholstery might need replacing.
New - The item is new and generally in a package. As there are numerous suppliers of new parts (also known as aftermarket, reproduction parts, etc.) the supplier's quality varies proportionally to the supplier.
NOS - Also known as New Old Stock and New Original Supplier. The item is i the GM package. It may be a GM reproduction part, it may be an original issue item. We will tell you all this to best of our knowledge. Many times, the part number has changed, and we generally know that as we have over 10 Chevrolet and Corvette issued parts manuals that we use to verify GM part numbers. Based on the part number, we can tell you around when the part number changed (if it changed at all).