Welcome to JNJ Vette Parts

First of all, THANK You for visiting JnJ Vette Parts! We are glad you stopped by to visit, and hope we can assist you in your quest to find the "right" part for your vintage Corvette. The photos on this page reflect only a small part of what we have in stock. While most parts you wll see on the site are in stock, we do order some parts "as needed". We will let you know when this is the case. We have everything from "restorable parts" to NOS (New Old Stock) parts.

We are starting our twentyieth (20th) year of servicing the Corvette Enthusiasts, so we have been around awhile. In large part, this is due to you, our customer, and our fundamentals: Honesty, Sincerity, and a "no frills" policy. That policy is "Please one, and they tell two. Upset 1, and they tell 10." We do not play against the odds. You are, our most important asset.

Please, check out the "About Us" page to see what our definitions of "condition" means as our expereince tells us, everyone's definition is slightly different. Our goal, is to match, or exceed, your definition!

Feel free to click on the "Contact Us" link and let us know what you think, whether it is pro, or con. We will listen, appreciate, and respond. Again, thanks for being here, and enjoy!